About Lewis

My ethos is simple; produce intuitive and compelling imagery.

Each project and image is a carefully crafted consideration of light, context, composition and timing.

Photographs eternalise the magnificent in our world. They can rekindle memories, tell a story, convey an idea or even inspire others to change how they think. Compelling imagery that intuitively captures and represents a message is vital. How will others know what you or your organisation does best if it is not presented in the most fitting manner?

So why work with me?

Successful business relationships are as much about having great products as collaborating with the knowledgeable and enthusiastic people who produce them.

Creating memorable and distinctive imagery is who I am. My father was the Senior Photographer for the British Museum and he taught me to focus a camera before I could ride a bike. My career began 10 years ago as a Commercial Photographic Assistant. I spent those first few years listening to clients and interpreting their needs and aspirations. Long hours, countless briefs and an array of unique projects enabled me to gain priceless creative and technical experience to develop my career. At 21 I attended Falmouth University (formally the renowned Falmouth College of Arts School) and obtained a 1st class degree specialising in Camera and Lighting. My career continued to grow and I soon found myself contributing to various projects around the world. Working in changing climates and unfamiliar circumstances broadened my capabilities further. Although I was out of my familiar comfort zone I learnt to push myself and soon became accustomed to achieving my goals whilst adapting to uncertain situations.

As a Visual Consultant and Commercial Photographer, I specialise in listening to my clients and producing imagery for a multitude of uses including web, print and broadcast. I work on a range of projects for third sector bodies and small businesses to large international organisations such as National Geographic, Hunter Boots, The BBC and Universal Pictures.

So why work with me? Consider your needs in relation to my core ethos of collaborating with like minded people to push boundaries and produce intuitive and compelling imagery. If you think these match and my creative style can help present your message then lets talk.